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PlayMG Corp.

Technology startup focused on gaming devices for young people with strong parental controls.


Android-based mobile gaming device for teens and pre-teens.

The Project

UX audit of MG unboxing to identify issues and opportunities before a nationwide re-launch at major retailers. Business analysis to identify market opportunities for additional round of funding.

The Problem

After an initial soft-launch, the MG was about to be re-launched at Target and other major retailers. Investor confidence was low and another round of financing was needed.

  • No direct access to users
  • Tight deadline (investor meeting the next week)
  • Improve the on-boarding process
  • Increase adoption rate

The Solution

Project Details

Audit Process

Identify Stakeholders

User research was conducted to clarify the needs, motivations, and pain points of each user. This information was used to create primary and secondary personas.

Primary persona
Secondary persona

On-Boarding UX Analysis

  • Why and how did users find, select, and purchase the gaming device?
  • How accessible was the device vs the competition?
  • How are competitors solving some of the same issues?

The steps after purchasing the device were too complicated. Aside from the sign-up process being a bit clunky, the device did not perform as expected.

Experience Map

Visually telling the customer’s story, I was able to emphasize the important intersections between customer experience and business needs.

I outlined all the user touch points to understand needs and expectations as they changed over time.


There were opportunities to better educate users, and differentiate the device.

  • Communicate a clear proposition
  • Help parents find safe gaming options
  • Create a safe ecosystem for tweens
  • Child online safety education
  • Collaborate with game developers
  • Engage in social media
Planning, Buying, Setup
  • Brand PlayMG as the safe gaming option
  • Offer game downloads with purchase
  • Give customers info to make decisions
  • Spend Smart – Simplify Setup
  • Family Collaboration System – Simplify Setup
Browsing, Playing, Post Playing

  • Featured Games Showcase
  • Curated Games
  • Improved Family Collaboration system
  • Improved Spend Smart experience
  • PlayMG community experience