About Me

Professional Goals

I aspire to develop myself continuously, positively impact those around me, and create exceptional products. I am searching for challenges that will allow me to tackle intricate issues and expand my knowledge of new technologies. I seek a work atmosphere that encourages and fosters my determination to bring ideas to fruition.


I’m working at Zoom as a Product Manager, focusing on Video Production Tools and Production Studio for Webinars, and Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions.

I freelance on the side for startups and non-profits.


I have over fifteen years of experience working with development and design teams in small and large organizations.  I’ve worked on physical products, B2B and B2C software, mobile apps and websites.

I have specialized experience in the following;

  • UCaaS
  • Utilities
  • Genomics / Bioinformatics
  • Medical Devices
  • Software Development

Past clients include Intuit, Viridos (formerly Synthetic Genomics), Sempra, Thomas Conveyor, Nuvasive, The Haitian Academy, and Kan Pa Nou.


I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Haiti – I speak English, French, and Creole. I completed three years of medical school and two second-division soccer seasons before coming to the states full-time.

For several years after the earthquake in Haiti, I ran a summer camp for displaced children in the Port-Au-Prince area.

I received my BA in Economics from the University of San Diego (with a focus on Architecture). I’m thankful for my professors. The deep market research, and data analysis involved in economics have been invaluable in my product and UX work.

Fun Facts

  • I love watching cheesy Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • I like my podcasts a little creepy . . .
  • I make my own hand lotion
  • I plan on designing my house someday